New releases

Tribe Ural

Finno-Ugrian on location archive recordings (1958-1979) from the Volga-Kama area (Russia) remixed into groove based modern world music


The future sound of electronic jazz. Jazzy riffs with modern, cool grooves. Perfect choice for corporate, lifestyle and fashion videos and TV backgrounds.

Fantasy and magical adventure

Wondrous, magical orchestral family fantasy and adventure themes

Olympic toolbox

The ultimate album for modern sport TV programing. Various styles of music for glory and defeat, for action and tension.

Global crisis: Drones

Cinematic, sad and ominous drones with ethnic elements for documentary, trailer and TV

The Robot

There are robots in science, manufacture, household, game, transport and war. They can be mighty or tiny, helpful or evil, simple or smart like these tracks on this album. Welcome to the world of robotics!


Focus Music is no loger available in Hungary

From 1st January 2016 we are no longer represent Focus Music in Hungary, so we are not able to licence any tracks from the following libraries: Focus Music, Focus Classics, Focus Songs, Focus Club and Airplay. More new and exciting libraries will be added to our range of catalogues very soon!

Thank you for your understanding.

Happy 2016 for all of our users!

New catalogues added

Twe new catalogues have bee added to our range of libraries:

  • Music Beyond is a superb quality  BMG Production Music label from the USA.
  • X-ray Dog is the first choice for trailer music. Their musis has been featured in trailers for a number of films, such as the Harry Potter series, the Pirates of the Caribbean series, Iron Man, Captain America: The First Avenger, Toy Story 3, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Jurassic Park III, King Kong, etc.
    X-ray Dog is the division of BMG production music.