New albums

Global crisis – beats

Cinematic, sad and ominous beats with ethnic elements for documentary, trailer and TV

Songbook Vol 3

Catchy radio-friendly modern commercial vocal pop and dance songs

Songbook Vol 2

Catchy radio-friendly commercial vocal pop and rock songs with retro feel


New album: Tribe Ural

Finno-Ugrian on location archive recordings (1958-1979) from the Volga-Kama area (Russia) remixed into groove based modern world music

New library for TV tension

The Australian Adrenalin Sounds introduced a new library for mostly TV programming. Great sounding tension beds for reality TV, crime and adventure series, game shows and drama.

You can access A-Tension library by clicking here!

New BMG Production Music cataloges added

Great new stuff from BMG!

  • 101 Dark Orchid Music
  • Altitude Music
  • Clocwork Orange Music
  • Parry Music
  • Parry Music Classical
  • Push Pop
  • Sick Muse Music

Click here to check them out in the search engine!