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Heroic investigations

Epic, heroic hybrid orchestral trailer music. This album, inspired by Sherlock Holmes, paints heroism through powerful melodies, embracing a relentless search for truth and justice, highlighted by solo string and string sections.

The magic of Christmas

This album is filled with classical orchestra melodies that evoke heart-warming feelings, making it the perfect soundtrack for a festive and joyful Christmas season.

Music for Advertisement 2

A brilliant advertisement music album, designed to uplift and evoke a feel-good atmosphere. Each track is meticulously crafted to captivate your audience and elevate your brand’s message.
Twelvetones library placements

Zsófia Tallér International Composer Competition results announcement

We are delighted to announce that András Emszt’s Breathing won the first Zsófia Tallér International Composition Competition, which attracted 40 excellent entries from over 15 countries, making for a fascinating competition. The entries were of high quality, with a very varied compositional approach, ranging from many styles of contemporary music, from post-modern, through the once […]

Schubert Music Library and Twelvetones Production Music continue together in the future

We are pleased to announce the merger of Twelvetones Production Music and Schubert Music Library! This will create a stronger and more efficient music service provider. Together, we will leverage the creativity and unique music production experience of Twelvetones in Hungary and the international administrative background, knowledge and expertise of Schubert Music. The new partnership […]

Merry Christmas!

Mennyből az angyal lejött hozzátok, pásztorok, pásztorok! Hogy Betlehembe sietve menvén lássátok, lássátok. Istennek fia , aki született jászolban, jászolban, Õ leszen néktek üdvözítõtök valóban, valóban. Rough translation: From heaven, the angel has come down to you, shepherds, shepherds! To go in haste to Bethlehem Behold, behold. The Son of God who was born In […]

UBM Media – professionalism and diversity

A really great collaboration has started between UBM Records and Twelvetones, where we represent the UBM Media stock music catalogue in Hungary and they distribute Twelvetones’ catalogues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. UBM, one of Germany’s most exciting independent labels, was founded in 2003 by composer Uwe Buschkötter and includes pop and contemporary catalogues in […]

Zsófia Tallér Contemporary International Composer Competition

CALL FOR SCORE „Composing music nowadays is completely individual, and everyone can choose the language they want….” (Zsófia Tallér)   Zsófia Tallér, Erkel, Bartók-Pásztory and Artisjus Prize-winning composer and university professor, passed away on 5 April 2021, after a long illness, at the young age of 51. As a teacher committed to her profession, her primary […]

Amusicom – Dynamic background music

Founded by Danny Pelfrey, the Amusicom library is used by major film studios, TV and cable channels, advertising agencies and broadcasters worldwide. Now the catalogue is also available in Hungary, represented by Twelvetones! Danny Pelfrey is a composer himself, the proud owner of two Emmy Awards, six BMI Awards and a Video Premiere Award. He […]

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