Art series

Introducing our captivating Art Series – a treasure trove of music transcending time, blending classical elegance with a modern twist. Delve into a pleasant journey through classical and contemporary genres. Immerse yourself in the genius of our extraordinary Hungarian composers, who inherit the legacy of the legendary maestros such as Bartók, Kodály, and Ligeti.

Brace yourself for breathtaking performances by the crème de la crème of Hungarian musicians, elevating every note to perfection. Explore beyond boundaries as we unveil the rich tapestry of original folk melodies, mesmerizing world music recordings, and awe-inspiring classical compositions from the heart of Central Europe.

Enhance your productions with the symphony of our Art Series, where timeless music meets boundless creativity.

Analog remains

Solo electric piano pieces with very contemporary sound using various modulations and effects. From modern jazz to world music, form soulful ballad to sci-fi atmosphere.


Live band plays world music based on Hungarian folk songs. Authentic female folk singers, unique ethnic instruments and modern production. Each song portrays different human emotions such as love, sadness, loneliness and sorrow.

The Monarchy

Timetravel to the XIXth century into the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

These very exciting range of compostions are based on the cultural heritage of this Central-European region. All tracks are arranged for a restaurant gipsy band. In one album you can get Hungarian Tchardash (lively dance), Serbian kolo ( group dance) and Austrian oom-pah tune . All tracks are named after cities, regions or well-know persons for easier identification and you can immediately have a impression on the mood of the music. For example: The Castle of Drakula, Danube river cruise or A glass of beer in Prague.

Piano stories

Piano stories album is about music composed for telling everyday stories of modern people. The album contains various types of athmospheres that unfold a human story or describing a state of mind.

Every track has its own small spiritual world, a static mood expressed through a XX. century music genre such as impressionism, repetitive or post-romanticism.

Although every solo piano piece can be deiscribed differently, like cheeky, childish, melancholic, sad or even depressive, etc., there are two common attribute in all of them. Firstly they are all about human behaviour, secondly they are all preformed on a lovely Steinway D model grand piano.

All tracks have 3 versions, a full lenght version, 60 and 30 second edits.


Contemporary string quartet pieces with futuristic electronic sounds and percussion

From the Big Bang to the “Beginning of life”. It is a breath-taking journey through the cosmos passing “Aldebaran, the orange giant” thorugh “Electron cloud”, reaching a “Dead world”. All titles of the album has it own little microsmos (“Paticles”) from the feeling of boundles space of the cíclic string of “Endless time” to sombre, static atonal suspension of “Chaos”.