Welcome to the world of unrivalled professionalism – the Twelvetones Production Music Main Library, the main series of Hungary’s premier production music label. Immerse yourself in a diverse collection of music genres, masterfully produced using the dynamic blend of pop, rock, and electronic instruments and sounds. We have handpicked an elite team of composers specialized in these styles. Here, every note is finely crafted to perfection, ensuring a top-tier experience for your creative endeavours.

At Twelvetones, we understand the power of music in storytelling, particularly in television and online content. Therefore, our sole focus is to provide exceptional, tailor-made music compositions that elevate your audio-visual productions to new heights of brilliance. From gripping background scores that intensify the drama to uplifting anthems that inspire, our extensive library offers a diverse range of genres and styles to meet every narrative requirement. And let’s not forget the crown jewel – the flawless pop/rock anthems that will set your commercials ablaze.

The Twelvetones Production Music Main Library is your gateway to unlocking the pinnacle of professionalism and achieving sonic perfection in every project you undertake. Step into a world of outstanding quality, where each note resonates with brilliance.

Dramatic Orchestral Fragments

This album features dynamic music that evokes intense and dramatic themes, providing an ideal soundtrack for high-energy TV promos. With grand orchestral compositions and a powerful choir, it offers epic music perfectly suited for trailers, TV, and radio use.


Hit the open road with this album as your guide. Let blues rock and western music play, with guitars rumbling, banjos rolling like desert sands, harmonicas wailing, and motorcycles roaring to the beat of the drums. This is the real American road trip. Whether you crave tales of Wild West bad boys or the perfect desert soundtrack, this album is your ideal choice.

Epic tales of the silk and sand

The album masterfully blends adventurous classical music with Asian and Middle Eastern influences. From the haunting whispers and ancient sacred percussion to the achingly beautiful solo violin and duduk melodies, each track offers a rich tapestry of emotions. Ideal for documentaries and TV productions needing an oriental infusion and cinematic imagery, this album evokes powerful imagery and deep sentiment.

Happy and Positive

This album is packed with catchy, upbeat, and adorable acoustic tracks. Perfect for advertisement and guaranteed to have you whistling along in no time.

Dark ominous tension

An evocative album, characterized by its dark, somber tones and suspenseful ambiance, featuring a rich blend of electronic music elements and futuristic sound design. Ideal for enhancing investigative scenes or exploring the enigmas of crime and mystery.

Dark Dystopian Drama

Explore the depths of this futuristic electronic album, where dark, deep beats are orchestrated with rich electronic sounds and distorted guitars, occasionally accompanied by haunting piano, strings, vocals, or brass. Journey through the digital cosmos, where modern beats echo in endless expanses, stirring a mix of melancholy emotions.

War Zone

Embark on an epic and dramatic journey with our hybrid orchestral trailer music album. Enhanced with electronic elements and cinematic percussions, it promises a thrilling experience. Feel the intensity of dark and gripping battles through these fast-paced and powerful tracks.

Epic Interstellar Voyages

Epic, futuristic hybrid orchestral trailer music. Take a thrilling musical journey with strong orchestral tunes, powerful drums, and futuristic electronic sounds—an adventure that helps you discover new planets or worlds.

Magical Fantasy Journeys

Ethereal, fantasy hybrid orchestral trailer music. Experience enchanting orchestral melodies, mystical percussions, and inspiring solo strings that transport you to dreamy and magical landscapes.

Heroic investigations

Epic, heroic hybrid orchestral trailer music. This album, inspired by Sherlock Holmes, paints heroism through powerful melodies, embracing a relentless search for truth and justice, highlighted by solo string and string sections.

The magic of Christmas

This album is filled with classical orchestra melodies that evoke heart-warming feelings, making it the perfect soundtrack for a festive and joyful Christmas season.

Music for Advertisement 2

A brilliant advertisement music album, designed to uplift and evoke a feel-good atmosphere. Each track is meticulously crafted to captivate your audience and elevate your brand’s message.

Forbidden Planet

Epic heroic orchestral hybrid trailer music. Perfect for sci-fi, adventure and drama.


Vibrant and joyous collection of uplifting tunes with acoustic and electronic instrumentation. Each track is carefully crafted to evoke happiness and optimism, making it the perfect soundtrack for tasking scenes.

Pale Glitter

This mesmerizing album takes you on a captivating journey through the atmospheric and hypnotic sounds of new wave. Immerse yourself in a retro-futuristic world where pulsating analogue synths, driving beats, a sense of artistic experimentation and nostalgic catchy melodies reign supreme.

Background beats 3

Programmed grooves and beats with minimal melodies for everyday TV programmes, corporate and leisure

Songbook 9

Catchy radio-friendly pop and rock songs with very unique vocals. Perfect for commercials and movie soundtracks.

Stone age

Percussive, high-energy dark tribal drumming tracks for histroical stories, trailers, wildlife and sport promos.

Modern Farming

Warm, organic, optimistic tracks with acoustic guitars, grooves and modern production. Perfect for nature, gardening and lifestyle.

Criminal Tension

Dark, tense, mysterious beds with electronic arrangements. Perfect for investigative, crime and drama themes.

The pulse

Ominous, mysterious and tense minimalism with dark pulsating synths and beats


Epic triumphant heroic orchestral trailer music. Perfect for action, fantasy, adventure, drama and sport.

Slow motion

Shimmering atmospheric soundscapes in the form of peaceful and bright downtempo electronica. Very panoramic, slow and magical.

Flaming rune

Energetic symphonic epic gothic hard rock songs with emotional and powerful female vocals. Massive drums, electronic beats, epic synths and driving metal guitar riffs. Perfect for sport and action, promos and advertising.

Knights vs Vikings

Epic heroic hybrid orchestral tracks with Northern ethnic instruments. Perfect for trailer, drama and gaming.

Secret Garden

Mysterious dramatic downtempo with acoustic oriental instruments.

Dusty Roads

Vintage sounding blues rock with cool guitar riffs by live band. Perfect for sports, action and promo.




Super positive, super cute and extremely catchy songs about happiness and zest for life. Be positive!


Retro synthwave with modern productions. Catchy melodies, robotic beats, 80s synth sounds. Very digital and super cool. Perfect for technology, science and documentary.

Dark net

Dark, futuristic electronica with internet releated cyber crime. Investigation, hacking, tension, suspense.

Chart pop

Contemporary radio-friendly commercial vocal pop music. Perfect for advertisement and online audio-visuals.

Deep Space

Epic sci-fi action and drama trailers. From melodic to sound-design type trailer music, this album features a wide spectrum of music that is connected by space and universe as a theme. Do you have an adventure film about the expedition to Mars? Is the Erath attacked by aliens and we need a superhero team? Do we send a heroic quest beyond the solar system for discovery? This is the only album you need!

Crackle & Jazz

Laid-back lo-fi jazz tunes. Vinyl sounding cool, chill, relaxed moods.

Jade dragon

Epic adventure fantasy trailer music with oriental instruments. Perfect for action, martial arts videos, fight scenes and documentary about the Far-East.

October sun

Beautiful acoustic textures filled with all the colour and human emotions of the autumn days. Calm but little bit moody ambiences, arrangements that recall rain and wind in the pale sunlight, and moods that are reminiscent of being loved and lonely at the very same time.

Whimsical village stories

Quirky and eccentric music with some Hungarian folk music spice. Surf guitar, oom-pah beats and western movie attitude with Eastern European twist.

Be happy and positive

Cute and uplifting acoustic songs for everyday use with ukulele. Everything you need to set a happy, positive vibe!


Positive and atmospheric reggae and dub backgrounds with modern production created using vintage sounds and machines such as Roland Space Echo. Travel, documentary and lifestyle.


Fiery Spanish solo flamenco guitar moods for human emotions, travel and for any audio-visual that needs passion and beauty.


Emotional felt piano pieces with soft and ethereal chamber string section about human emotions such as love, remembrance, tenderness and beauty. Perfect for documentary, drama and nature films.

Hydra – trailerized epic pop

Massive, hard-hitting drums with contemporary electronica, atmospheric vocals and sound-design. Perfect for film trailers and TV promos. Very epic.

Songbook Vol 8

Artistic vocal pop album with very unique tracks. Perfect for advertisement, in-store use and TV programming.

Climate Change

Electronic music for global warming and related problems. Ominous, dramatic, sombre, serious. Trailer and drone tracks and more. Perfect for documentary, current issues, science and technology.

Emotive solo piano

Emotional solo piano pieces about human emotions such as love, romance, solitude, loss, sorrow and reminiscence.

Girly vocal pop

Radio friendly teen pop with ready to party or ready to fall in love lyrics for the social media generation. Catchy electronic pop songs with great hooks and female vocals.


Spider web, cemetery, ghosts, bats, ghouls and all kinds of gruesome creautres. Get your costume and be ready for the scariest night of the year, because it is Halloween! Creepy, quirky, whimsical and spooky orchestral Halloween music with lots of humour and character.


Keep yourself positive and calm through the relaxing sound of the hang (handpan). Acoustic, organic, chill, Zen moods for your ultimate relaxation workout, nature, science, travel film or the perfect background for your lotus yoga pose. OM.

4 elements – Arpeggios and Sequences

When you need just a light touch of music to transform images into motion. Floating, airy, light tension, science, technology synth arpeggios and various instruments sequences

4 Elements – Drums

When you need just a driving rhythm to get the action going or build up tension. Epic, massive, pounding, energetic, minimal, atmospheric, urban beats and grooves.

4 Elements – Drones

When you need sinister atmosphere to increase the tension or to keep in suspense. Ominous, horror, sci-fi, scary, anxious drones.

4 Elements – Pads

When you need just a tiny bit of music. Simple chord progressions and static minimal atmospheres on synthesizer pad sounds.

Rise of heroes

The evil villain managed to reach our solar system using a wormwhole and with the help of his bloodthirsty horde he wants to conquer Earth. But then from nowhere, a familiar sihoutte appears on the sky and the brave, fearless  hero with his gigantic power starts to take revange on the invaders… At this point of the story you should start to use the music on this album!

Songbook Vol 7

Forever popular chill and lounge pop music with vocals. Perfect for advertisement and for in-store music use at places such as coffee shops, hotel lobbies and shopping malls.

Songbook Vol 6

Collection of indie rock and pop song for the ultimate festival line-up or perfect party playlist


Killer grooving beats, giga phat bass and unique moodsetter samples! Versatile hip-hop beats and beds from different era of hip-hop history for the perfect urban mood.

Songbook Vol 5

Sláger vagy Retro? Mindegy, csak az évjárat számít. Ezen az albumon a mágikus szám pedig a 80. Emlékszel milyen volt walkman-nel először kimenni az utcára füledben a kedvenc daloddal. Ezt az érzést újra átélheted! Retro slágerzenék (!) reklámhoz, filmhez, és csak úgy hallgatni.

Sunshine and Happiness

An album full of cute and happy tracks that will bring a smile to even the grumpiest faces! Perfect for cooking shows, commercials or under kids’ program.

Retro Cops

Ski mask? Checked. Guns? Checked. Great music? Checked. Retro tunes with a modern twist for your heist movie!

Songbook Vol 4.

Do you miss the 80’s and the 90’s? Then come, and get a bit nostalgic with us!


Tense and mysterious scene-setters with loads of ethnic instruments and electronic beats, perfect for an adventure around the globe

Global crisis – beats

Cinematic, sad and ominous beats with ethnic elements for documentary, trailer and TV

Songbook Vol 3

Catchy radio-friendly modern commercial vocal pop and dance songs

Songbook Vol 2

Catchy radio-friendly commercial vocal pop and rock songs with retro feel

Club Tropical

Tropical house and pop tracks for the perfect island travel and holiday club experince. Chart topping vocal tracks with catchy instrumentals.

Tribe Ural

Finno-Ugrian on location archive recordings (1958-1979) from the Volga-Kama area (Russia) remixed into groove based modern world music


The future sound of electronic jazz. Jazzy riffs with modern, cool grooves. Perfect choice for corporate, lifestyle and fashion videos and TV backgrounds.

Fantasy and magical adventure

Fascinating journey to the land of adventures and magic. Themes for fairies, dragons, dwarfs, knights and withes. The perfect album for give a little magic to any audio-visuals.

Oplympic TV Toolbox

This is the ultimate album for any sport TV programing. You can find orchestral epic music and anthem-like themes for the victorious moments, high-energy electronic tracks for action and promo, loopable background music for graphical information elements, somber themes for sad losers, soundscapes for pre-race tension and quirky music for the poor ones with comedy like performance.

Global crisis – Drones

Cinematic, dark and ominous drones with ethnic elements for trailer, documentary and TV use. The soundscapes are filled with deep sorrow, drama, fear, terror and loss of hope. The tracks have accoustic instruments such sitar, oriental bells and ethnic vocals in very contemporary synthetic textures.

The Robot

There are robots in science, manufacture, household, game, transport and war. They can be mighty (Transformers awekening) or tiny (Microbotic bee), helpful (Robot makes machines) or evil (Robocop 2060), simple (Toy robot) or smart (01 langueage). Welcome to the world of robotics!

“A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws. “
Asimov: I, robot (1950)

Made in Hungary

Do you know Goulash soup? Have you seen wrangler riding on 7 horses with a whip in his hand? If yes, you will love this compilation of tracks from diffenrent Hungarian music genres from sorrowful orchestral hybrid through gipsy EDM to folk music led roots rock. If you don’t, than it will be great discovery of familiar sound within a differnet context.

In this album you can find all the stereotype about Hungarian popular music to produce an audio-visual project with authentic Easter-European flavour.

Surfin samurai

Imagine an angry blonde dressed in yellow killing everyone with samurai sword… You can get the concept of this unique album. Take some 50’s and 60’s style rock grooves, add the classic Shadows like lead guitar sound with lot of reverb, spice it with some fury and disappointment, cut it like a Japanese warrior finally mix it with full kick. Here some titles to get you in the mood: One inch puch, Black mamba mambo, Hattori Hanzo, Exploding heart. It is strong, isn’t it?

Rock city never sleeps

Everybody will need a good rock guitar riff sometimes in his/her lifeline. This is the concept of this elementary guitar album. Rock city never sleeps features driving grooves with energetic riffs in various styles and tempo. You can find indie type crunchy chords with static groove for lifestyles footages, fast programmed beats with speed unisons for action secquences and good-old times rock and roll themes for any audio-visual production that needs pure rock.

It is a perfect choice for rocking advertisement and TV promos.

All tracks have underscores and cutdown versions as well.

Background beats 2

This is the 2nd part of our successfull Backround beats album with 24 brand-new tracks. More chill-out, house, drum&bass and down-tempo grooves with unique arrangements and characteristic moods.

Club Underground

Club Underground is access-all-areas collection of the Budapest’s electronic music scene. The album features jazzy samples, hypnotic breakbeats, jungle and D&B grooves, vocal snippets and sublime funky basslines. If you want to feel the athmosphere of the famous ruin clubs of Budapest search no more!

Background beats

This album is for real background music applications for your audio-visual production. Miscellaneous jazzy, electro and lounge grooves are led by minimal melodies in various moods. You can have happy, sunny music for cooking show or a daytime TV magazine, but you can also find dark and overwhelming moods for dramatic visuals or documentary.

This is perfect choice when you need to understand the voice-over clearly, but music is needed for the right mood.

All tracks have underscores and cutdown versions as well.

Songbook Vol. 1

Catchy pop and rock tunes with vocals in various radio-freindly styles. From indie to 80’s rock, from 90’s pop to indie EDM, this an ultimate collection of well-produced and unique songs. This albums is like a good playlist that features your best bits of your iPod.

Music for advertisement

One of the most important element of a good advertisement is the music. A perfect music is audible, but not harsh, recognizable, but not requires more attention than the product itself and most of all it provides the perfect mood for the film, that helps to develope an emotional attachment to a brand or a product. This album is the Swiss Army knife of advertisement music, you can find all the tools you need for selling products.