Thermal Music – Organic and electronic background music

  • Dudas Petra
Thank you to JP Rushton for the honour of representing Thermal Music's professional catalogue in Hungary. The term professional is not a coincidence - the entire stock music palette is created by highly skilled and talented composers.

Thank you to JP Rushton for the honour of representing Thermal Music’s professional catalogue in Hungary. The term professional is not a coincidence – the entire stock music palette is created by highly skilled and talented composers.

The album covers in the catalogue are clean and elegant, and the music creates a very special atmosphere. The mix of organic and electronic instruments provides a unique sound, making it a truly exceptional choice for nature films and travel shows, for example. The way nature imagery is accompanied by electronics fused with authentic sound is brilliant. They also make excellent music for films, commercials, magazine shows, reality shows and documentaries, with a repertoire ranging from magical, peaceful and quiet ambient soundscapes to twisted electronics.

They are especially rich in atmospheric, relaxing shots that are great complements to landscapes, slow motion or meditation subjects. Finally, we can’t forget the new classic, soundtrack or trailer albums.

Have a listen to the catalogue!

Microscopic – Intricate and fine detail for macro, close-up, slow motion and timelapse shots.

Delicatone – Zen Atmospheres – A meditative and zen atmosphere for massage, meditation and relaxed moments.

Panoramica Two – Ambient and symphonic orchestra ethereal blend under natural imagery.

Trailers & Promos – Powerful orchestral hybrid music with cinematic sound effects

Bleaktronica – Haunting soundscapes, metallic synths and drones.

Curious & Quirky – Playful and happy tunes for travel magazines with positive themes.


See the full catalogue here: Thermal Music

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Squirky Solos and Squirky Jazz – Acoustic and thematic wonders from Squirky Music

  • Dudas Petra
An excellent range of albums for vintage or modern films and TV shows.

We have just received two great sub-library from the popular Squirky Music. The obvious, clean album covers in these two catalogues will help you make your choice.

So far, Squirky Jazz has treated us to two albums, one a dancey, bouncy, bohemian big band vintage album, the other a slow, light, emotional piano album that evokes the ballrooms of yesteryear.

The Squirky Solos offer is also complete, and the concept is simple: each one features one instrument, such as piano, acoustic guitar, trumpet, flute, organ. All the pieces evoke a particular atmosphere and are thematically diverse. There are mystical, organic, mysterious recordings as well as pleasant, lingering, cheerful themes.

An excellent range of albums for vintage or modern films and TV shows.

Ldet’s have a listen to the albums!

Cocktail Jazz Piano – Latenight jazz piano arrangements with catchy melodies. For romantic candlelit dinners, period settings and film noir.

Bamboo Flute – A wide range of original and traditional Chinese bamboo flute instruments performed by renowned virtuoso Guo Yue. The perfect accompaniment to images of ancient and modern Asia.

Steam Organ – Vintage sounding steam organ tracks for retro and modern circus, fairground, carnival and general comedy.

Trumpet of Gods – Atmospheric trumpet solos. Perfect choice for mysterious, awe-inspiring ancient themes or films about the wonders of the natural world and history.

Dark Piano Solos – Melancholic piano solos for a sad, lonely and bittersweet mood.

Hang Drum – Sound drum recordings to create ethnic and nature atmospheres.

See the full catalogue here: Squirky Jazz and Squirky Solos

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Bart Music Library – The best TV shows deserve premium music

  • Dudas Petra
The finest background music in the foreground.

We are pleased to announce that the popular Bart Music Library will be represented by the Twelvetones in Hungary! Owned by Polish composer Bart Zaborowski, the independent production music library is a favourite of TV and radio producers and online channel creators for a reason.

Magazine or cooking show, reality show, documentary? A trailer full of sound effects, a film scene that builds and sustains tension? We present the best background music for it!

The uniform look of the albums in the catalogue suggests professionalism at a glance. Listening to the selection, this suspicion is confirmed: we have indeed found premium stock music in our catalogue. The Bart Music Library is also special in that it uses a wide repertoire of genres to cover the themes. From symphonic music to electronic backgrounds and acoustic orchestration. Anyone looking for professional background music will love this library.

Let’s have a listen!

Inspiring Life – Home, garden, travel. Perfect tracks for motivational themes.

10-20 sec. Lector loops Vol. 3 – Background loops for TV programmes. Perfect for documentaries, reality shows, sport programming.

Sunshine Vol. 1 – Extra positive music tracks for lifestyle magazines, travel themes. A mix of ukulele, acoustic guitars, drums, piano and strings.

Tension Box Vol. 4 – Suspenseful music for crime and drama.

Veridical – Positive and inspiring music for human stories, magazines.

Crime & Drama Vol. 5 – An excellent choice for detective series, crime, psychological detective TV shows and films.

Cinematic Epic Trailers Vol. 1 – Powerful and emotional electronics and orchestral hybrid music for films, TV programmes and promos.


See the full catalogue here: BART Music Library

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Twelvetones music now in Israel!

  • Dudas Petra
The catalogues distributed by Miles of Music have been used in the Israeli post-production industry for many years, and now include albums by the Twelvetones and the Twelvetones Art Series.

We are honoured to have a popular and very successful music distributor, Miles of Music (MoM), representing our catalogue in Israel. MoM represents only the finest production music catalogues, so this is a huge tribute to the persistent, conscientious and competent work of our composers!

We would like to thank Music Director Mr. Oded Fried-Gaon, himself an acclaimed composer, musician and professional music consultant with a wealth of experience, for his trust.


Criminal Tension – Electronic music backgrounds for criminal themes

  • Dudas Petra
We are proud to welcome another Twelvetones album on board!  Our composer Peter Lepahin has dazzled us with an album of mysterious and mystical electronic background music.

We are proud to welcome another Twelvetones album on board! Our composer Peter Lepahin has dazzled us with an album of mysterious and mystical electronic background music.

But he didn’t just dazzle me, kis music also gave me chills, and this double feeling permeates the whole album. After the first listen, I said that this album was simply beautiful – but it’s full of tension, ominous elements, menace and dark undertones. What is it then that gives me this subjective sense of beauty? I could put it this way: if anything can create a harmonious unity with its contradictions, it is intelligence, talent and art coming together. This is why we always say that writing stock music requires consciousness, imagination and skill. We are amazed at how many talented and enthusiastic composers have joined us recently!

Peter’s album deserves attention. He creates tension with pulsating beats, supernatural sound effects and thought-provoking melodies. He works with ambient, minimal textures as well as the building textural scale typical of film trailers. The slight excitement, interest and hopeful mood of anticipation that accompanies the mystery is heightened as much as the dynamics of the chase. The tracks include lighter, more mysterious themes related to digital crime, investigative, fact-finding background music suitable for documentaries, but also horror and action scenes.

He adds excitement to the electronic music basics with special effects and percussion to create an even richer atmosphere. Excellent background music for scenes involving crime, investigation and mystery.

Have a listen to the album!

Mysterious Crime Scene – The marimba base gives the investigation a tense and expectant atmosphere. The old school feel makes it a perfect choice for old stories.

The Hacker’s Lair – More modern and clearer sounds, a lighter atmosphere that provides a strong backdrop for topics related to digital crime.

Threating Proximity – An ominous, almost horror effect. It poses an immediate threat when the criminal is still hiding on the scene. Perfect for scene scenes or car escapes.

Entering The Secret Files – Suspense and mystery. The steady synth plucks, ominous melody, and pulsing beats in the background are an excellent choice for crime themes where we’re just an arm’s length away from discovery.

Industrial Chase Scene – A fast and ever-intensifying soundtrack with elements of film trailers and distorted guitar sounds. Ideal for chase scenes and action.


You can listen to the full album on the Twelvetones search page: Criminal Tension – Documentary Beds

SYou can find the montage on Soundcloud: Criminal Tension – Montage

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The Pulse – Mysterious, tense, minimal textures

  • Dudas Petra
Twelvetones ’latest album mixes dark, menacing minimal textures with throbbing synthesizer sounds and electronic drums. We can safely say that our composers Péter Antovszki, Olivér Bajza, Gábor Bruzsa, Csaba Faltay and Brigitta Varga did a great job again.

Twelvetones ’latest album mixes dark, menacing minimal textures with throbbing synthesizer sounds and electronic drums. We can safely say that our composers Péter Antovszki, Olivér Bajza, Gábor Bruzsa, Csaba Faltay and Brigitta Varga did a great job again.

The album on the first audition seemed like we had received separate messages from another universe, and it would be up to us to decipher them. In most cases, we have received a threat, but at least a definite interest in our world.

What’s exciting about technology and science is that it often moves the imagination of filmmakers. Astronauts, laboratory technicians, and robotics engineers are common characters in fictional stories in which either an alien civilization seeks to map the Earth or frees a virus, or even explores the subject of artificial intelligence. Whatever the starting point, there is one thing in common: the threatening enemy. The music album The Pulse stock was similarly inspired by dark, ominous themes.

All recordings are electronic, sometimes tamed with acoustic percussion instruments. The alternation of deep and high pulsating rhythms causes tension. There is no shortage of slow-moving instrumentation, special effects, and some hopeful melody.

Excellent background music under topics where science, research and mystery play a role.


Let’s listen to the tracks!

The Clue – Mysterious soundtrack with electronic instruments, piano, percussion. For bold and determined topics.

Iridium – Slow, awesome, dark texture with pulsating beats. For those tense moments when you have nowhere to hide.

In a Heartbeat– Energetic and vibrant electronic tracks full of tension. High and deep voices alternately suggest impending danger, but also hope.

Orbiting Atom – Dark, ominous pulsation with minimal electronic drum for busy and ominous topics.

Science Pulse – Atmospheric, cool, pulsating texture with catchy simple melodies. It expresses a sense of liberation, but the sequel knocks on the door unexpectedly.


You can listen to the full album on the Twelvetones search page: The Pulse – pulsating textures

You can find the montage on Soundcloud: The Pulse – Montage

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Legends – epic and heroic

  • Dudas Petra
We present the latest Twelvetones album with the wonderful orchestral tracks of our composer Péter Antovszki! His triumphant, epic stock music is perfect for action, sports, fantasy, drama and adventures.

The tracks on the album do not overlook the special atmosphere. Each track is a separate story, whether it’s an adventure of exploring a new world, a dangerous struggle, or a hero’s difficult journey and worthy reward.

It’s no novelty when I write that Peter’s music creeps under our skin to create their own legend there. And these stories are worthy additions to the visual content underneath them. They bring it to life and fill it with emotion and atmosphere.

We always say that it is very difficult to write a really good epic orchestral work, and we are proud that the stock music offer of Twelvetones by Péter Antovszki is expanding with more and more such recordings!

Let’s listen to the album!

Rescue Ship – Epic, melodic, uplifting trailer music with a superhero theme and pulsating drums.

Malfunction – A slowly building epic hybrid track with distorted electronic instruments, pounding, fast drums and sound design elements at the end.

Slow Descending – Elevated and emotional trailer music with strings, epic brass theme, chorus and electronic instrument. Heroic and determined.

Stolen Memories – Orchestral hybrid with heartbreaking brass melody, pulsating strings and solo cello. Bittersweet romance and heroism.


You can listen to the full album here on Twelvetones: TWPM 057 Legends – epic trailer

Soundcloud montage: TWPM 057 Legends – Montage

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Slow Motion – Ambient, downtempo textures

  • Dudas Petra
Shimmering atmospheric soundscapes in the form of peaceful and bright downtempo electronica. Introducing Twelvetones' latest album!

We have arrived with a literally brilliant stock album!

I was excited about our latest recordings because this style is close to me, often with me in the background. As soon as I listened to it, I knew this album would also be one of my favorites.

The panoramic, slow and magical music of our composers Olivér Bajza, Donát Baracsi, Gábor Bruzsa, Csaba Faltay, Bernadett Tarr and Brigitta Varga is a perfect choice for macro and slow motion images.

The special feature of the album is not only the shimmering, shiny, soft synths, but also the slow, deep throbbing grooves that characterizes the downtempo. Magical music that show moods from medition to finding inner peace to chill-out party.

Most of the songs are slow-moving orchestration, with ambient effects and noises until the first drum beat. Moreover, some recordings end specifically with a melodic ending, while in others we even encounter treated vocals.

Overall, great background music for natural images, slow motion.


Let’s listen to the tracks!

Deep Journey – Gradually building slow electronics with ethereal piano theme, choir and violin, airy synthesizer texture.

Big Chimes – Beautiful floating marimba sequence with electronic drums and bells.

Weightlessness – Slow, cool background music, like a winter breeze.

First sight – Brilliant synthesizer textures with soft melodies and bell-like sounds.

Beyond the clouds – A gloomy melody with mostly electronic instrumentation, sometimes with guitar and piano.

Space moves times – Slow-paced hypnotic trip-hop beat with dramatic strings and soaring melodies.


You can listen to the full album on the Twelvetones search page: Slow Motion – ambient, dowtempo textures

You can find the montage on Soundcloud: Slow Motion – Montage

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Flaming Rune – Symphonic goth rock music performed by Storyum

  • Dudas Petra
We are proud to present Twelvetones ’latest album, which was created with the help of a truly vibrant, fashionable and modern band. Symphonic epic goth hard rock music with emotional and powerful female vocals.

It was a naive thought of me when I said I was just listening to the tracks and then I keep going… Of course. Three-quarters of an hour later, I asked Joe Janik, the band’s founder, if they would have a concert in Budapest. I will tell you: it will be. 🙂

The Storyum band is inspired by symphonic and epic synth motifs, while an ethereal yet gloomy female voice with a mystical edge sends students ’emotions on a roller coaster ride. They excite the audience with percussion drumming, electronic pulsations and spinning metal guitar riffs. The songs are catchy, the lyrics are meaningful and expressive.

We love music that is not only enjoyable while listening to a concert or in the background, but can also be reinterpreted and used as stock music. At this point, we get back to what we say at times: stock music is not an art but a business category. It doesn’t define quality, it’s how you use it, and that makes a big difference!

The Flaming Rune symphonic goth rock album is a perfect choice for sports and action movies, promotions and commercials.

Let’s listen to the album!

Mother – Catchy and powerful rock / metal song with guitar riffs and atmospheric synthesizers. An excellent choice for shows featuring rebellious teens 🙂

Own Ghost – Lively, passionate rock / metal song with bright symphonic sounds, ambient synthesizers, drums, riffs. Ethereal, melodic vocals, beautiful, deep lyrics.

All InPowerful disco-rock, hard-rock track with guitar riffs, repetitive drum themes for the action scenes.

Higher – An ominous, mystical song. Excellent superhero, world saving themes, promos. Guitar riffs, catchy chorus, powerful and dynamic level leads.

HalfMoon – Middle Eastern atmosphere, Arabic sound and passionate singing; mystical, dangerous and charming.

The full album is available at Twelvetones music search page: Flaming Rune – Storyum

Soundcloud montage: TWPM055 Flaming Rune – Storyum Montage

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Knights vs Vikings – Feel the adventure

  • Dudas Petra
We present the latest Twelvetones album with the heroic hybrid orchestral music of our composer Péter Antovszki, which also features northern folk instruments.

I love fantasy movies that feature authentic characters and locations. If the film deals with a legend, a historical theme, or focuses on an exciting ethnic group and reinforces it with visuals, costumes, fast-paced cuts, and professional music, I’ll definitely watch it several times.

When I first listened to the new Twelvetones album, that was my first thought, I wish Guy Ritchie could hear it too! I felt like listening to soundtracks – I was also reminded of a specific GR film. If you figure out which one is that, feel free to write me. 😉

Why do I say that?

Because Peter’s stock music proves to be a great choice not only for trailers and games, it holds just as well in action scenes. It evokes tension with pulsating drums and ominous effects, and it spins up completely for the action, yet they also fit perfectly under a series of short snippets that are a very popular visual element today.

We see, we hear, we feel the action, the adventure, the fight, the tense anticipation and the painful mourning. All in a home of vast cliffs, lacy ridges, narrow fjords and endless green fields.

Let’s listen to the album!

Towards to the enemy – Epic battle music with throbbing drums, distorted guitar and ethnic instruments.

Sailing to the sea – Melodic and epic hybrid track with ancient horns, cinematic brass and strings. Heroic and determined.

Escape – Hybrid music with throat singing, ethnic instruments, distorted guitars and cinematic percussion.

The legend of the lost sword – The epic and heroic feeling is accompanied by a catchy melody. Uplifting strings, horns, percussion and choir.


You can listen to the full album here at Twelvetones search site: TWPM 054 Knights vs Vikings – epic drama and trailer

Soundcloud montage: TWPM 054 Knights Vs Vikings – Montage

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