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Deep Space – Epic sci-fi trailers – ajánló

  • Dudas Petra
Legújabb Twelvetones albumunkkal nemcsak zenei téren próbáltunk ki újat, de eddig fel nem fedezett világokba is elkalandoztunk.

We are very proud that our new composers are performing with such quality work. Gábor Kovács, László Maródi, Nándor Nagy, András Sághy, Tamás Sebestyén, Brigitta Varga and Vsevolod Koretskyi take us to unknow worlds, in which the beauties of science and technology, the supernatural, the mysticism are revealed, with stongs emotions and tension.

Each trailer builds slowly until it reaches its epic climax, adapting to the world of the sci-fi movies. Do you need dark, lost drama or just magical world with new hopes? Perhaps a battle scene and the restless tension that precedes it? This album covers it all.

In addition to movie trailers and film scores that evokes movie scenes, we also find a cavalcade of sound design in many works. And of course, the pulsation, the giant drums, and the heroic melodies that affect the emotions also characterize all of them.

Collapsing Stars

Dystopian, atmospheric, android hunter music

The Beginning

Sound-design based accelerating trailer with the power of an atomic explosion


We need a team, we need a hero!

Cosmos Battle Squad

Commence attack!


Finally we have arrived to Andromeda Galaxy

Thousand Tragedy

Aliens enterd the solar system. Alarm!

Ahead of Time

They will save us for sure!

Full album:

TWPM 046 Deep Space – epic sci-fi trailers


TWPM 046 Deep Space – Montage