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Crackle and Jazz – Lo-fi jazz and chill-hop

  • Dudas Petra
What would happen if we combine jazz, downtempo, hip-hop beat and vinyl sound? The answer is: Twelvetones latest stock music album!

Lo-fi means low sound quality (short for Low Fidelity). In the past, the term was used for noisy, low-quality sound recordings, but later it also appeared as a stand-alone style in music and underwent many changes over several decades.
This musical genre relies on background noise and laid-back beats. Relaxed, determined, often twisting music, but at the same time a mysterious, mystical effects can be expressed with special background noises.

Twelvetones ’new album features stock music tracks that can serve as a great background to support relaxed, chill scenes. It is also a good choice for a bar atmosphere, travel, detective scenes or creating a light mystical atmosphere.

Shall we have a listen?

Car Spark

Groove, melodic music for travel with slide strings.


The Golden Hour

A relaxed, chill melody for a romantic atmosphere under the golden sky.


Heat Stroke

Mysterious background music with alternating dynamics.


74th Street

Light, relaxed atmosphere in the mystical gloom of the cocktail bar.


Cushioned Talk

Nostalgic, pleasant conversation with an old friend.


The full album can be listened to here:

TWPM 047 Crackle & Jazz – lo-fi jazz and chill-hop



Analog Remains – Modern jazz and world music

  • Dudas Petra
Solo electric piano pieces with very contemporary sound using various modulations and effects. From modern jazz to world music, form soulful ballad to sci-fi atmosphere.

We owe a special album to our composer Zsolt Kaltenecker. The songs become unique not only with the way they are written around the theme from they develop, but also with the way in which he preforms them using different effects to proces them in real time. This is how we get several moods for serenity, oriental sound, beauty, cheerfulness or nostalgia.

Anyone who listens to the album will surely feel the atmosphere created by Zsolt with the diverse, yet recognizable style notes.

Psychedelic retro sci-fi with progressive rock pulsation

Let’s listen a few of the tunes!

Psychedelic retro sci-fi with progressive rock pulsation

Alien Signals


Positive, loving nostalgia

Belle Epoque


Slow, pulsating, relaxed minimal



Oriental chill lifestyle

Feng Shui


Brilliant, peaceful interstellar minimal ambient

Outer Space


The full album can be listened here:

TWAS 005 – Analog Remains – solo electric piano textures



Portamento Music – Unique and demanding

  • Dudas Petra
Another great catalog proves that good composers can be really original even in the stock music.

In 2019, two London composers decided to establish the Portamento Music stock music library. And how well they did!

We always need background music that creates a unique atmosphere in itself. These recordings were made with great care, beautiful production and are specifically designed to be used under stories, documentaries and nature films, talk shows or drama, but they are also a great choice for any audio-visuals to enhance your mood!

Let’s listen to it!


Beautifully constructed music interwoven with blues and gothic elements for crime and action scenes.

Crime Drama


For nature films, relaxed moods, installations.

Natural World


An intricate blend of marimba, kalimba, bells and strings for human emotions, casual or even fascinating stories.



For atmospheric, dramatic scences or space-related documentaries and installations requires big orchestral and electronic textures.

Into the Cosmos


You can find the entire catalogue over here:

Portamento Music