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Amusicom – Dynamic background music

  • Dudas Petra
We are honoured to be represented by the Twelvetones in Hungary as the Amusicom independent production music library. Thank you to Danny Pelfrey, two-time Emmy Award-winning composer, for your trust!

Founded by Danny Pelfrey, the Amusicom library is used by major film studios, TV and cable channels, advertising agencies and broadcasters worldwide. Now the catalogue is also available in Hungary, represented by Twelvetones!

Danny Pelfrey is a composer himself, the proud owner of two Emmy Awards, six BMI Awards and a Video Premiere Award. He has scored numerous television series and films, and has also performed concert works.

His catalogue supplies for a wide variety of needs, with a focus on dynamic background music. For TV shows, sports, crime, detective and suspense themes, the selection is the widest, but there are also romantic albums with human emotions, as well as jazz, swing, rock and crazy electronica.

Check out the catalogue!

Urgent Grooves 9 – Powerful grooves with different instrumentation, including rock, electronic and symphonic.

Music To Shop By 3 – Acoustic and electric pop/rock music for advertising, shopping and travel shows.

Investigation 4 Mystery / Atmosphere – Atmospheric, mystical music from deep sea to space; from symphonic music to industrial instrumentation.

Inspirational -Uplifting, positive, inspiring music for film trailers, commercials and promos.

Frontiers In Science & Technology 1 – High tech music for science, space exploration, new technology discovery, business and communication videos.

Find the complete catalogue here: Amusicom

If we can help with any musical questions, contact us!


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Songbook 9 – Fresh, dynamic pop music

  • Dudas Petra
It's still difficult to define what it means to have music that is both modern and youthful, but we think the new Twelvetones album is both. This time Gábor Bruzsa, Csaba Faltay, Zoltán Istvánffy, Ross McLean, Imre Poniklo and Mike Zwecker have shown their coolest faces.

Can you think of some cool radio-friendly music?

For commercials, inspiring magazine features, crazy festival scenes?

It’s still hard to define what it means for music to be both modern and youthful, but we think the new Twelvetones album does both. This time Gábor Bruzsa, Csaba Faltay, Zoltán Istvánffy, Ross McLean, Imre Poniklo and Mike Zwecker have shown their wildest faces.

Be warned, even a single listen to the album is guaranteed to get you hooked!

I’m sure you’ve all been there, unexpectedly starting a song in public. If you’ve ever been in a children’s community, you can’t have failed to notice that little ones can hum and sing along to the latest commercials all day long. And it’s important for anyone making a commercial that the film grabs the attention. But it’s not only important for commercials; if you want the audience to remember the music from the party scene at the end of your film, you need to find music that they can easily recall days later.

The music on the new Twelvetones album is designed to get into the ears of the listener and stay there.

Hallgassunk bele az albumba!

It was love –An upbeat glam pop rock song with passionate and powerful female vocals, massive synthesizers and a driving beat.

Friend zone – An upbeat pop punk song about high school love, with punchy drums, guitars and catchy female vocals.

Right here – Upbeat, dynamic modern rock music with powerful and inspiring male vocals and guitar riffs.

Maluya – Devotional and passionate French waltz song with romantic female vocals and acoustic instruments.

Love to see you fly – Super positive pop song with groovy guitars, clappable rhythm, motivational male vocals.


You can listen to the full album here on the Twelvetones website:  TWPM 058 Songbook 9

Listen to the montage on Soundcloud: Songbook 9

For any musical questions, please feel free to contact us!


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