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  • Faltay Csaba
We have signed a contract with one of Germany's most exciting independent publishers to represent each other's catalogues.

A really great collaboration has started between UBM Records and Twelvetones, where we represent the UBM Media stock music catalogue in Hungary and they distribute Twelvetones’ catalogues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. UBM, one of Germany’s most exciting independent labels, was founded in 2003 by composer Uwe Buschkötter and includes pop and contemporary catalogues in addition to production music. The exceptional production quality is matched by an amazing variety, so it’s safe to say that you really can find everything you need for a good TV show or online material.

Check out the catalogue of more than 340 albums!


UBM 2358 Football

There’s no other way to start this summary for a German label than with an album that belongs to a real football series. Packed with great fan rock anthems, the album evokes the unforgettable stadium atmosphere when fans sing the starting line-up of their favourite team.

UBM 2388 Scenic Wideness

This album is full of stunning compositions that convey a sense of calm, but also deal with dramatic themes such as climate change and other natural phenomena. What they all have in common, however, is that they capture a sense of a vast, infinite space.

UBM 2453 Blockbuster

Can we have enough trailer-type “epic” music? Well, obviously not. But fortunately there are a fair number of them in the UBM catalogue. Here’s another great example that has everything you need for the genre, gigantic drums, orchestra, big choir and electronics. The only thing missing is the punchy your imagery.

UBM 2465 Straight to VHS – 80s Themes & Atmospheres

A real treat for fans of the 80s. Unadulterated retro video music, from the heyday of VHS for those who love it.

UBM 2429 E-Mobility

These 17 perfect background tracks provide a musical backdrop for themes such as mobility, urban planning and social change. Overwhelmingly optimistic and neutral in tone, the electronic instrumentation blends perfectly with the most varied imagery, making it a firm favourite for TV shows and online videos.

UBM 2287 Electronic Dance Music – Vibrant EDM

Recently, EDM has moved from the world of clubs to the computers of the editing room, and more and more often it is being used as music in online programing or TV shows. Progressive house, Dutch house, EDM or future house, all of these genres can be found on this album to complement any party-themed broadcast, reality shows, fashion shows or sports activity.


See the full catalogue here: UBM Media


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Hírek Reviews

Squirky Solos and Squirky Jazz – Acoustic and thematic wonders from Squirky Music

  • Dudas Petra
An excellent range of albums for vintage or modern films and TV shows.

We have just received two great sub-library from the popular Squirky Music. The obvious, clean album covers in these two catalogues will help you make your choice.

So far, Squirky Jazz has treated us to two albums, one a dancey, bouncy, bohemian big band vintage album, the other a slow, light, emotional piano album that evokes the ballrooms of yesteryear.

The Squirky Solos offer is also complete, and the concept is simple: each one features one instrument, such as piano, acoustic guitar, trumpet, flute, organ. All the pieces evoke a particular atmosphere and are thematically diverse. There are mystical, organic, mysterious recordings as well as pleasant, lingering, cheerful themes.

An excellent range of albums for vintage or modern films and TV shows.

Ldet’s have a listen to the albums!

Cocktail Jazz Piano – Latenight jazz piano arrangements with catchy melodies. For romantic candlelit dinners, period settings and film noir.

Bamboo Flute – A wide range of original and traditional Chinese bamboo flute instruments performed by renowned virtuoso Guo Yue. The perfect accompaniment to images of ancient and modern Asia.

Steam Organ – Vintage sounding steam organ tracks for retro and modern circus, fairground, carnival and general comedy.

Trumpet of Gods – Atmospheric trumpet solos. Perfect choice for mysterious, awe-inspiring ancient themes or films about the wonders of the natural world and history.

Dark Piano Solos – Melancholic piano solos for a sad, lonely and bittersweet mood.

Hang Drum – Sound drum recordings to create ethnic and nature atmospheres.

See the full catalogue here: Squirky Jazz and Squirky Solos

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Bart Music Library – The best TV shows deserve premium music

  • Dudas Petra
The finest background music in the foreground.

We are pleased to announce that the popular Bart Music Library will be represented by the Twelvetones in Hungary! Owned by Polish composer Bart Zaborowski, the independent production music library is a favourite of TV and radio producers and online channel creators for a reason.

Magazine or cooking show, reality show, documentary? A trailer full of sound effects, a film scene that builds and sustains tension? We present the best background music for it!

The uniform look of the albums in the catalogue suggests professionalism at a glance. Listening to the selection, this suspicion is confirmed: we have indeed found premium stock music in our catalogue. The Bart Music Library is also special in that it uses a wide repertoire of genres to cover the themes. From symphonic music to electronic backgrounds and acoustic orchestration. Anyone looking for professional background music will love this library.

Let’s have a listen!

Inspiring Life – Home, garden, travel. Perfect tracks for motivational themes.

10-20 sec. Lector loops Vol. 3 – Background loops for TV programmes. Perfect for documentaries, reality shows, sport programming.

Sunshine Vol. 1 – Extra positive music tracks for lifestyle magazines, travel themes. A mix of ukulele, acoustic guitars, drums, piano and strings.

Tension Box Vol. 4 – Suspenseful music for crime and drama.

Veridical – Positive and inspiring music for human stories, magazines.

Crime & Drama Vol. 5 – An excellent choice for detective series, crime, psychological detective TV shows and films.

Cinematic Epic Trailers Vol. 1 – Powerful and emotional electronics and orchestral hybrid music for films, TV programmes and promos.


See the full catalogue here: BART Music Library

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Hírek Reviews

Criminal Tension – Electronic music backgrounds for criminal themes

  • Dudas Petra
We are proud to welcome another Twelvetones album on board!  Our composer Peter Lepahin has dazzled us with an album of mysterious and mystical electronic background music.

We are proud to welcome another Twelvetones album on board! Our composer Peter Lepahin has dazzled us with an album of mysterious and mystical electronic background music.

But he didn’t just dazzle me, kis music also gave me chills, and this double feeling permeates the whole album. After the first listen, I said that this album was simply beautiful – but it’s full of tension, ominous elements, menace and dark undertones. What is it then that gives me this subjective sense of beauty? I could put it this way: if anything can create a harmonious unity with its contradictions, it is intelligence, talent and art coming together. This is why we always say that writing stock music requires consciousness, imagination and skill. We are amazed at how many talented and enthusiastic composers have joined us recently!

Peter’s album deserves attention. He creates tension with pulsating beats, supernatural sound effects and thought-provoking melodies. He works with ambient, minimal textures as well as the building textural scale typical of film trailers. The slight excitement, interest and hopeful mood of anticipation that accompanies the mystery is heightened as much as the dynamics of the chase. The tracks include lighter, more mysterious themes related to digital crime, investigative, fact-finding background music suitable for documentaries, but also horror and action scenes.

He adds excitement to the electronic music basics with special effects and percussion to create an even richer atmosphere. Excellent background music for scenes involving crime, investigation and mystery.

Have a listen to the album!

Mysterious Crime Scene – The marimba base gives the investigation a tense and expectant atmosphere. The old school feel makes it a perfect choice for old stories.

The Hacker’s Lair – More modern and clearer sounds, a lighter atmosphere that provides a strong backdrop for topics related to digital crime.

Threating Proximity – An ominous, almost horror effect. It poses an immediate threat when the criminal is still hiding on the scene. Perfect for scene scenes or car escapes.

Entering The Secret Files – Suspense and mystery. The steady synth plucks, ominous melody, and pulsing beats in the background are an excellent choice for crime themes where we’re just an arm’s length away from discovery.

Industrial Chase Scene – A fast and ever-intensifying soundtrack with elements of film trailers and distorted guitar sounds. Ideal for chase scenes and action.


You can listen to the full album on the Twelvetones search page: Criminal Tension – Documentary Beds

SYou can find the montage on Soundcloud: Criminal Tension – Montage

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