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  • Faltay Csaba
In 2024, the Zsófia Tallér International Contemporary Composition Competition will be held for the second time this year, focusing on film music. The winning work will be performed in concert by the Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra in 2024, the Budapest Scoring Orchestra will record an excerpt of the work in its orchestral recording stage in 5 minutes, and the winning composer will receive a prize of HUF 250 000.



„Composing music nowadays is completely individual, and everyone can choose the language they want….” (Zsófia Tallér)

In 2024, the Zsófia Tallér International Contemporary Composers Competition will be held for the second time, named after Zsófia Tallér, Erkel, Bartók-Pásztory and Artisjus Prize-winning composer and university professor, who died in 2021 at the age of 51 after a long illness. As an educator committed to the profession, he was particularly keen to support the professional development of the new generation of composers. The theme of this year’s competition is film music, and the competition is open to new compositions for a selected excerpt from Jaro Vojtek’s film Children.

To enter the competition, you must have written an original piece of music you have yet to compose.

The entry is anonymous.

Entry fee: none.

Age limit: 35 years.

The maximum length of the entry is the film extract length, up to 9 minutes.

Instrumentation for the symphonic orchestra consists of:

  • 2 woodwind players (2 flutes or second piccolo substitutable, 2 oboes or second English horn substitutable, 2 clarinets or second bass clarinet substitutable, 2 bassoons or second contrabassoon substitutable).
  • Brass players including 4 horns, 3 trombones, 3 trumpets, and 1 tuba.
  • 2 percussionists and 1 timpani player (with general large orchestra percussion).
  • A 40-member string orchestra arranged as follows: 12 first violins, 10 second violins, 8 violas, 6 cellos, and 4 double basses.”

Including and performing special instruments (bass drums, e.g. taiko, folk instruments, electronics, etc.) is not possible. Therefore, the application should not include elements that cannot be performed.

The film excerpt can be downloaded from this link:


jelszó: children8mincut

The film excerpt is the story of a jailbreak and subsequent escape from prison work, in which the lead character wants to get home to his wife and a few months-old child. The changing shots, escape, suffocation, and the discovery of the house provide an excellent opportunity to compose a varied soundtrack and a different approach to the drama.

Members of the jury:

  • Gábor Hollerung, Distinguished Artist, Liszt Ferenc and Príma Prize-winning conductor, Head of the Jury
  • Dániel Csengery, film composer
  • Szabolcs Mátyássy, composer, associated professor
  • Mátyás Prikler, film director, producer
  • Bálint Sapszon, film composer, orchestrator, producer


  • The winning work will be performed in concert by the Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra in 2024
  • An excerpt of the winning work will be recorded by the Budapest Scoring Orchestra in its large orchestra studio in 2024 in a 5-minute concert performance.
  • 250 000 HUF

Please upload your entries, in the form of live instruments or sound samples (muck-ups), by 15 May at the latest, together with the film, to a cloud storage site (Google Drive, OneDrive, etc.) in mp4 or mov format.

In addition, please send the contact details of this file (link), the applicant’s details (name, age, city and country) and the entry score in pdf format to competition2024@twelvetones.hu.

The competition is anonymous, so the author’s name must not appear in the sheet music or film. Any mention of the author’s name anywhere in the entry will result in automatic disqualification.

The authors’ names must be entered in the text of the e-mail application and will be treated confidentially by the organiser. The jury members will only be informed of the entrants’ names after the final judging the entries. The jury will publish its decision by 30 May 2024, and the organiser will notify the winner.

By applying, the applicant agrees to the music being performed in public and to the music being recorded, the ownership of which will be recorded in a separate contract by the organiser before the recording. The winning applicant undertakes to provide the organisers with the soundtrack of the winning composition by 30 May 2024 at the latest.

The jury reserves the right to award or not to award the prizes.

The jury’s decision may not be appealed.


Budafok Dohnányi Orchestra – https://bdz.hu

Budapest Scoring Orchestra- https://www.budapestscoring.com

MPhilms – https://www.mphilms.sk

The organisers would especially like to thank Jaro Vojtek for allowing us to use an excerpt from his film for the competition.