Dátum archívum: 2022. 02.

Slow Motion – Ambient, downtempo textures

  • Dudas Petra
Shimmering atmospheric soundscapes in the form of peaceful and bright downtempo electronica. Introducing Twelvetones' latest album!

We have arrived with a literally brilliant stock album!

I was excited about our latest recordings because this style is close to me, often with me in the background. As soon as I listened to it, I knew this album would also be one of my favorites.

The panoramic, slow and magical music of our composers Olivér Bajza, Donát Baracsi, Gábor Bruzsa, Csaba Faltay, Bernadett Tarr and Brigitta Varga is a perfect choice for macro and slow motion images.

The special feature of the album is not only the shimmering, shiny, soft synths, but also the slow, deep throbbing grooves that characterizes the downtempo. Magical music that show moods from medition to finding inner peace to chill-out party.

Most of the songs are slow-moving orchestration, with ambient effects and noises until the first drum beat. Moreover, some recordings end specifically with a melodic ending, while in others we even encounter treated vocals.

Overall, great background music for natural images, slow motion.


Let’s listen to the tracks!

Deep Journey – Gradually building slow electronics with ethereal piano theme, choir and violin, airy synthesizer texture.

Big Chimes – Beautiful floating marimba sequence with electronic drums and bells.

Weightlessness – Slow, cool background music, like a winter breeze.

First sight – Brilliant synthesizer textures with soft melodies and bell-like sounds.

Beyond the clouds – A gloomy melody with mostly electronic instrumentation, sometimes with guitar and piano.

Space moves times – Slow-paced hypnotic trip-hop beat with dramatic strings and soaring melodies.


You can listen to the full album on the Twelvetones search page: Slow Motion – ambient, dowtempo textures

You can find the montage on Soundcloud: Slow Motion – Montage

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