Knights vs Vikings – Feel the adventure

  • Dudas Petra
We present the latest Twelvetones album with the heroic hybrid orchestral music of our composer Péter Antovszki, which also features northern folk instruments.

I love fantasy movies that feature authentic characters and locations. If the film deals with a legend, a historical theme, or focuses on an exciting ethnic group and reinforces it with visuals, costumes, fast-paced cuts, and professional music, I’ll definitely watch it several times.

When I first listened to the new Twelvetones album, that was my first thought, I wish Guy Ritchie could hear it too! I felt like listening to soundtracks – I was also reminded of a specific GR film. If you figure out which one is that, feel free to write me. 😉

Why do I say that?

Because Peter’s stock music proves to be a great choice not only for trailers and games, it holds just as well in action scenes. It evokes tension with pulsating drums and ominous effects, and it spins up completely for the action, yet they also fit perfectly under a series of short snippets that are a very popular visual element today.

We see, we hear, we feel the action, the adventure, the fight, the tense anticipation and the painful mourning. All in a home of vast cliffs, lacy ridges, narrow fjords and endless green fields.

Let’s listen to the album!

Towards to the enemy – Epic battle music with throbbing drums, distorted guitar and ethnic instruments.

Sailing to the sea – Melodic and epic hybrid track with ancient horns, cinematic brass and strings. Heroic and determined.

Escape – Hybrid music with throat singing, ethnic instruments, distorted guitars and cinematic percussion.

The legend of the lost sword – The epic and heroic feeling is accompanied by a catchy melody. Uplifting strings, horns, percussion and choir.


You can listen to the full album here at Twelvetones search site: TWPM 054 Knights vs Vikings – epic drama and trailer

Soundcloud montage: TWPM 054 Knights Vs Vikings – Montage

Feel free to contact us with any musical questions!